1. Signup today and receive a bonus of RS300.

2. Share with a friend and they will also receive RS300 instantly.

3. You can make some extra cash by inviting your friends to buy something from us. Every time they do, we'll give you 5% of whatever they spent. You can earn up to RS100,000 each day and up to RS 30,000,00 each month.

What Is Refer & Earn

Sign up for our “Refer & Earn” program using this special link. Fill out the form and our team will contact you soon to approve your login credentials and provide you with your panel link, username, and password. Once you successfully sign up, you will receive a bonus of RS300. Our team will then send you the panel link, where you can customize your referral link and coupon code. Then, simply refer your friends or colleagues to our store, and for every successful referral, both you and the person referred will receive a bonus of RS300. Additionally, you will receive 5% of whatever your referrals spend in our store. You can earn up to RS1000,00 each day and up to RS30,000,00 each month.


The terms and conditions for referral commissions on our website is based on the information given blow, here is a summary of the key points:

1. Registration Bonus: Upon registering on the website, users will receive an RS300 bonus added to their wallet.

2. Referral Bonus: When a referred user successfully verifies their account, they will receive an RS300 bonus, and the referrer will also receive an RS300 bonus.

3. Wallet Verification: To complete the wallet verification process, the user must purchase at least one item from your store using their referral commission.

4. Wallet Activation and Withdrawal: Once the wallet is successfully verified, the user can choose to activate it or withdraw their accumulated payments.

5. Commission Pending Period: If a referral makes a purchase, the commission earned by the referrer will be pending until the referral accepts the delivery and your team approves it.

6. Commission Percentage: Referrers earn a 5% commission on each sale made by their referrals.

Please note that the above information is a summary of the terms and conditions for referral commissions on our website. Users are encouraged to read the full terms and conditions on your website to have a complete understanding of the referral program’s rules and requirements.